How to submit a CD to the Gracenote Database using iTunes 12

How do I Submit a CD to the Gracenote Database using iTunes 12?

Open iTunes and place your CD into your CD ROM Drive.
Click on the CD icon.

Select "No" when asked to import.

[A fuzzy-match dialog box might display possible matches for your new CD, if so, click Cancel to open the submit screen.]

The track name will just be listed 'Track 01 etc.... Right click into a track name and select "Get Info".

On the pop-up box in the Details tab start typing in track name, artist name, album name, and then select a genre and year of release. The arrow button will take you to the next track. Continue filling in details until all your tracks are titled.

Click Okay. Go to "Options" tab on top right-hand side, and click "Submit CD Track Names".

Enter any remaining empty fields in the dialog box, and make sure to select a genre if prompted.

Hit Ok.
You will see "Accessing Gracenote" scroll and then a pop-up box displaying "The CD information was successfully sent to the Gracenote CDDB service." You have now submitted your CD to Gracenote, though it is not live until they process your submition over the next few days.

Please wait two or three days, place the CD back in the CD ROM drive, go to Options and click Get CD Track Names. This is a re-query button that clears your local cache, to show that your CD's information now comes from the Gracenote recognition service.